Acting economically

 Globalisation, state regulation and rising wage costs are creating massive cost pressure and forcing you to break new ground. Benefit from our new production processes, which offer you greater cost-effectiveness with increased quality.


Our goal is your time advantage !


 Think about whether you might not be better off economically by outsourcing certain work. Shouldn't you rather concentrate on the work that is economically worthwhile and requires all your technical skills?

Our arguments for contract manufacturing at DMC Cologne

Efficiency and cost savings with constant capacity utilization through outsourcing
Speed due to minimum fitting times for large-span work made of CoCr
Flexibility with fluctuating order situation
competence in the field of large-span implant work and difficult to
processing materials
Aesthetic results through split files: We not only supply your framework, but also the corresponding wax-ceramic or composite veneer on request. You choose between:
Wax, for the overpress technique in our own laboratory
Licium disilicate or feldspar for die-ceramic veneering technique or nanocomposites to complete your work
Image enhancement through technological advantage over competitors
Growth at constant fixed costs
Additional services:

On request, you can obtain high-quality secondary constructions in one-piece casting for bar and telescopic work from our affiliated laboratory
CAD training and support with tips and tricks from dental technicians for dental technicians
Innovation that grows with you
Homogeneous, tension-free frameworks and distortion-free implant superstructures
Consistent, reproducible precision
Complete packages: Scanner, hard- and software, incl. financing model
Service from Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 20:00

What else can we do for you. There are no limits to your ideas - contact us!