Zirconium unit already from 19,90 €

Multilayer Zirkon ht, 1200Mpa,16V-Farben 

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Foam models / from 90 €

Foam models milled from acrylic, mounted on a high gloss acrylic plate!

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3D Modelle OK+UK

3D print dental model Quater OK UK in fixator

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Dental Milling Centre Cologne / DMC COLOGNE a coordinated combination of precision and innovation, made in Germany! A milling centre for dental laboratories and digitally positioned dental practices

Are you a patient? Change over, please:

Dental Technology 3.0 / Traditional craft with modern facets

At Wallossek Dentaltechnik GmbH, patients will find a wealth of information about dentures from a German master laboratory!

titanium inlays, crowns, bridges, models

Expand your range of products with titanium inlays, crowns, bridges and model casting for allergy sufferers.

We manufacture your digital model casting for you in contract manufacturing, in CoCr and titanium, according to your individual wishes.

3D eggshell temporaries

 With our wafer-thin 3D-print eggshell temporaries, you can create multi-unit, fully or partially anatomical long-term crown or bridge temporaries with up to two pontics span.

Sophisticated aesthetics and layer corrections can be individualized and built up by using the cut-back technique with light-curing veneer composite in the anterior region.


3D printing innovation dental technology

Our 3D printer delivers :

 3D die models

3D individual spoons

3D Cast for model casting

3D Splint for occlusal splints

3D Clear- for foam models