digital CoCr model casting in 3 D pressure process


The digital production of model casting described in brief.


The dentist takes an impression or transfers a digital impression of the patient's oral situation with the mouth scanner.


Das Dentallabor erstellt ein Gipsmodell oder ein digitales 3D Modell mit Hilfe eines CAD/CAM System.

oder DMC COLOGNE konstruiert für Sie in Lohnarbeit einen digitalen Modellguß, nach Ihren Angaben.


Model casting chrome-cobalt (based on a delivered 3D design) net price 120,00 €.

 Model casting chrome-cobalt on plaster model (based on a delivered model) 155,00 €.

A DMC produces the digital model casting from the selected material, chrome-cobalt or titanium, by a laser sintering process. During this process, the model casting is built up layer by layer from powdered metal until a perfect fit and quality is achieved.

You will receive a model casting from DMC with a mirror finish polish.


CoCr model casting with a gold-coloured layer of titanium nitrides

Digital production of model castings based on a 3D design.


Model casting chrome-cobalt with a layer of titanium nitrides (based on a 3D design) 210,00 €


Model casting chrome-cobalt with a layer of titanium nitrides (based on a delivered model) 235,00 €

(This is the price per piece. For several pieces we would like to make special price agreements with you).

You send an STL file of your 3D design to DMC, DMC checks your design data for data transmission errors and starts the model casting in production (laser melting).

DMC delivers a high gloss model casting.

Delivery time: with delivered data, ready for dispatch in 3 working days.

Delivery time: with delivered pattern, ready for dispatch in 5 working days.