Perfect naturalness

In addition to standard materials, which have proven themselves over many years and ensure maximum resilience and compatibility, we also process state-of-the-art materials such as translucent zirconium and high-glass with excellent aesthetic results.

 In cooperation with leading manufacturers, we are constantly developing materials further and thus arrive at innovative materials, such as the new nano-zircon with a higher modulus of elasticity, specially developed for higher technical loads, e.g. in the area of implant-supported zirconium bars and zirconium bridges. Higher load capacity thus offers you, your customers and patients more safety.

Promysan, a material that has proven itself particularly in the field of restorations for allergy patients, but which was difficult and uneconomical for dental technicians to process, is now being used in completely new applications and with improved material properties thanks to CAD/CAM technology. Our crunch splints, denture bases, healing abutments and long-term temporaries made of Promysan Star offer metal and plastic allergy-plagued and sensitive patients an economical and medically optimal solution.