VITA-ENAMIC the first dental hybrid ceramic worldwide




VITA Zahnfabrik has developed a new generation of ceramic materials: VITA ENAMIC is the world's first dental hybrid ceramic with a dual network structure that combines the best of ceramic and composite.

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 The CAD/CAM blocks are not only suitable for the fabrication of classic inlays, onlays and veneers and crowns in the anterior and posterior region, but also for minimally invasive restorations such as "non-prep veneers" or restorations with reduced space requirements.

 In VITA ENAMIC, the dominating ceramic network and the reinforcing polymer network penetrate each other completely. Thanks to this dual ceramic-polymer network structure, the new composite material ideally combines the positive properties of both ceramics and composite materials. Materials science studies prove that VITA ENAMIC offers not only enormous resilience but also extraordinary elasticity and even an integrated crack stop function.

This new class of materials exhibits significantly lower brittleness than pure dental ceramics and better abrasion behaviour than traditional composite materials, thus corresponding to the properties of a natural tooth. The high load-bearing capacity makes VITA ENAMIC very resistant to the shear and compressive forces of the stomatognathic system. Therefore, the material can be used in many ways.

Patients rate the oral wearing comfort of VITA ENAMIC restorations very positively. VITA ENAMIC will initially be offered in the block geometry EM-14 with the dimensions 12 x 14 x 18 mm as well as in the shade variants 0M1, 1M1, 1M2, 2M2 and 3M2 in two translucency levels. The innovative hybrid ceramic can be processed with the Sirona CEREC and inLab systems. The design is carried out in the proven form. Compared to pure ceramics, milling is more time-saving, more gentle on the tools and highly reliable, with more precise, edge-stable and therefore more detailed results than with traditional dental ceramics. With the matching polishing set from VITA, the material can be polished very well and quickly. Glazing by light polymerization is also possible.

Characterizations can be realized with light-curing stains. In general, the excellent light conductivity of VITA ENAMIC ensures highly aesthetic results with a natural play of colours. The hybrid ceramic already has its final strength and can be used directly after grinding, as it does not have to be post-treated.


The en - success formula: Strength + Elasticity = Reliability

Hybrid ceramics redefine load capacity".
VITA ENAMIC is the world's first dental hybrid ceramic with a dual network structure.
In this dental material, the dominant ceramic network is reinforced by a polymer network, whereby both networks penetrate each other completely. VITA ENAMIC is therefore a dental composite material that combines the positive properties of ceramic and composite.

For the first time, this innovative composite material guarantees not only enormous resilience
also extraordinary elasticity. This makes the material excellently suitable for for crown restorations in the posterior region and also allows reduced Wall thicknesses for minimally invasive restorations. Furthermore, VITA ENAMIC convinces by highest reliability, precise, edge-stable and thus detailed grinding results. Finally this tooth-coloured hybrid material via highly tooth-like material properties and provides a natural play of colours thanks to excellent light conductivity. The en - success formula: strength + elasticity = reliability

Grinding test Enamic Non-prep Vereers / ground with Sirona MCXL

VITA ENAMIC. The existing geometry with wall thicknesses of approx. 0.2 mm could only be completely ground with VITA ENAMIC.